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CG&S is an Austin design-build company specializing in residential renovation. We work with people who love where they live but need some level of home improvement, from typical maintenance and repairs up to a whole house renovation/expansion—or any other type of interior or exterior design.

Our clients are often people who experience the daily frustration of living in an outdated, dark, or cramped home, and who want our help to modernize, expand, or integrate to the outdoors. They don’t want to move, because they value their convenient location, the neighbors, the views, their schools; they have put down roots that they want to preserve. These folks have usually explored buying elsewhere and have discovered the perfect lot or home doesn’t exist ‘out there’, and that their smartest and best option is to stay home and renovate with the aid of interior and exterior design.

Our clients also appreciate and value collaborating with a well-established family business [established in 1957] for both the design and the construction of their project. Perhaps they have had a challenging previous experience where their builder didn’t mesh well with their architect or designer, and they were caught in between. Or maybe they like the thought that our architects design with construction in mind, work hand in hand with our estimators to better predict final costs, and stay with the project through the final completion. Or maybe they just like the time saving convenience and clarity of having a single point of responsibility and contact throughout their project.

Quality Austin design-build and renovation is our passion. Common CG&S projects include:

We’re not sure if any of this resonates with you, but if you are looking for a fun and fulfilling remodeling experience with predictable outcomes and exceptional results, CG&S may be a good fit. We are here to help you with a project of any shape or size. Contact us today.

CG&S Design-Build Process
The center spread offers an informative visual display of the CG&S Design Build Process.
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