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CG&S Design-Build is an expert in Austin bathroom remodeling. More often than not a CG&S project will include a bathroom remodel. And it’s not uncommon for us to remodel multiple bathrooms in a home. Luckily for us, they’re one of our favorite spaces to build.

Bathroom design varies widely depending on our clients’ lifestyle, aesthetic sense, and available space. A bathroom remodel in Austin can add substantial value to your home while greatly improving your at-home experience. We like to be as upfront as possible about the bathroom remodel costs associated with a remodel of any size and scope so we can set realistic expectations at the outset, and then work from there.

Examples of good bathroom remodel ideas include replacing a cramped dark shower with a special, day-lit shower with ample light—often not needing a door or a curb—or seamlessly integrating the bath with a new dressing room, which is ideal for getting ready without disturbing a sleeping partner.

A bathroom remodel in Austin can be as simple as refreshing fixtures and finishes or as complete as fully gutting the space and developing an all-new layout. Whichever the case, CG&S tailors each bathroom to each client.

We often find that bathrooms in older homes are much too small and poorly outfitted for the needs of the modern family. Typical bathroom designs call for increased storage, generous counter space, lots of natural light, and beautiful, durable, low-maintenance finishes.

Master baths should be designed with lots of elbowroom, and usually are made from fine materials. Kids baths should be fun but not age-specific, and are often made from more economical materials. By keeping the finishes dynamic but still tasteful, the bath remains appropriate as children grow up.

Powder baths can be designed for interest and aesthetic impact, rather than for pure functionality. A well-designed powder bath is an accent as well as a convenience, and when designed thoughtfully, provides a pleasant surprise to guests.

A nice new Austin bathroom remodel could be just the ticket to perfecting the home you love so much. Contact us today to learn how to make your project a reality.

Austin bathroom remodel

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