Austin Design-Build Remodeling

CG&S is one of a select group of companies nationally with true design-build capabilities: we are a construction company joined at the hip with a talented architectural firm.

The Austin design build market is growing and vibrant, and CG&S is an integral part of it. Our custom home designs, with an emphasis on residential renovation, are developed in close collaboration with our clients.

Design build companies offer streamlined project delivery, with better cost prediction and control. This saves our clients time, money, and frustration. We present realistic design build cost expectations from the very first phone call, and converge on ever more accurate cost layouts as the design develops, until a construction contract is ready to sign. With architects, interior designers, cost estimators, and construction staff all on the same page, projects go smoothly.

Austin design build clients like the single point of contact and responsibility they experience with CG&S. At CG&S, custom home designs dovetail seamlessly with quality construction.

CG&S loves working in the Austin area with its patchwork of unique neighborhoods. We relish the challenge of renovating the small historic cottages of the denser inner city as well as the larger homes of more recent development communities. Our abilities as a design builder scale from the tiny to the expansive, and in each instance our goals are to solve design problems for our clients while harmonizing with the surrounding residential fabric, whether it be the urban core downtown lofts, or hill country subdivision. On a higher level we are devoted to enriching the wholeness of the city in which we live.

On the level of our clients we view our work through one simple lens: we donít just renovate homes, we help enhance our clientsí lives. Contact us today to find out what the design build process can do for you.

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