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Here at CG&S we have many years of experience with innovative kitchen remodeling in Austin. Kitchens form the heart of a home. And they are usually at the heart of a remodeling project. Good kitchen design can transform a ‘blah’ house into a home with some zip!

Many of our clients experience daily frustration about some aspect of their kitchen, making kitchen renovations one of our most common projects. Closed-off, cramped, and unpleasant kitchens are common in older homes, and cause untold pain and suffering. CG&S can help.

Our clients recognize that everyone is drawn to the kitchen: Family, friends, party-goers… Good kitchen design accommodates family and guests while maintaining an efficient work zone for the cook and helpers. Large central islands are good for maintaining connection while separating work from play.

A third zone is very useful: The back kitchen. This space is around the corner, out of sight, but easily accessible. Here you can find pantry, cleaners, paper goods, specialty appliances, and holiday dishes. Sometimes this is linked to a family entrance with a mudroom, a drop zone for the kids’ backpacks, coats, and a command center where calendars, tack boards, and files serve as the nerve center for the busy lives of family members.

These Austin kitchen remodel ideas can require a substantial investment because of all of the detailed work that goes into them, but the value added to your home offsets the cost. These types of projects are not without a certain sacrifice in comfort, however; if the kitchen is rebuilt in the same location the project can be disruptive to your family as you will be out of a kitchen for several months.

Kitchen remodeling in Austin is something we take very seriously because of the value it adds to your daily experience of being home. We also set appropriate expectations when it comes to kitchen remodeling costs upfront, while emphasizing that kitchen remodeling projects return their investment very well. You deserve a kitchen that nurtures your family and friends while serving as a thoughtfully efficient workshop for the chef. It sounds overly dramatic, but a well-designed and outfitted kitchen can transform your family’s quality of life for the better. Contact us today to get started.

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