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An Extension of Home

When Woodrow and his family came to us looking to add usable, outdoor space to their 1930s bungalow, our whole team jumped on board. Our lead architect and the designer for Woodrow’s previous kitchen renovation, Stewart, worked alongside our other designers and builders to construct a new, screened porch.

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Our team created the space with the craftsman-style of home in mind. To mirror the existing second floor, the designers used a bead board ceiling, concrete stained floors, period wall sconces, and a ceiling fan for the porch’s design. Additionally, a detailed lip of Ipe Brazilian decking adorns the four walls.

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The team was faced with a couple challenges throughout the design-build process. In order to comply with the current city zoning parameters, the completed design was submitted to the Homeowners Association and the city’s Board of Adjustments for approval. This process alone added three months to the overall project.

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The actual placement of the porch was another challenge. The homeowners wanted to retain the original, exterior brick wall. With a unique solution, the architect incorporated the porch addition with the home’s original style. The addition of a new landing and a stair adjacent to the wall provided another access point. This structure for the porch also allowed maximum ventilation on all four sides of the structure. Because the porch was designed to support a terrace, Woodrow can look forward to adding another outdoor space on his home’s second floor.

With the addition of the new porch, Woodrow’s family can now avoid the hot, afternoon sun while leisurely enjoying their time in the open air.

W30TH 126

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