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Rollingwood Modern

A concrete home goes green

Built in the early 1950’s, this home was constructed almost entirely out of concrete—walls, floor, and roof included. By rearranging several of the rooms and modifying the existing floor plan over the course of two separate owners and renovations, we added a new master bed and bath and upgraded the finishes throughout the house—all while striving for the highest standards of building green.

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The new reorganized house is fresh, clean and bright.

Expansive windows and modern finishes build on the original concrete home, giving it the airy feeling that it lacked. By adding new space and contemporary flair, we gave these owners a fully updated home that’s wholly unique.

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The Style

This house started with a little too much mid-century for its modern—now it’s boldly contemporary, with unique design elements, fixtures and finishes that make it personal. Clean lines contrast with organic shapes throughout, giving the home a feel that’s fresh yet funky.


Dramatic and distinctive, the new kitchen makes a statement with an unexpected tile backsplash and unique storage features.

  • Formaldehyde-free cabinets
  • Locally-created recycled glass terrazzo substrate island
  • Caesarstone countertops
After first floor plan

Level 1 Floor Plan After

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Living Room

Converted back from a bedroom, the new living room features a re-faced fireplace and custom cabinetry that lends the space an open but functional appeal.

  • Custom walnut shelving and cabinetry
  • Stacked veneer cultured stone fireplace
  • Cantilevered hearth

Master Bedroom

Added during Phase Two of this renovation, the second story master suite seamlessly extends the living space of the home. A built-in platform bed and drawers with freestanding shelves supported by metal stand offs tie the master bedroom design to the rest of the house, while a wall of windows floods the space with natural light.

  • Clerestory windows
  • Built-in platform bed
  • Built-in walnut drawers and freestanding shelves
After second floor plan

Level 2 Floor Plan After

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Master Bath

A centrally located free-standing vanity wall anchors this bathroom remodel, creating an unexpected layout accented by unique finishes that echo the other rooms of the house.

  • Locally-created recycled glass terrazzo substrate island
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This 1950s home had personality from the start,

but it’s outdated finishes were lacking and the layout was disjointed. The intended living room was being used as master bedroom, and the house lacked a dedicated master bath entirely. Overall, the house had potential but was begging for a better use of space.

A dedication to green building was at the core of the project from start to finish. Green materials can be found inside the walls and out, including all new energy-efficient windows and fluorescent lighting throughout, zero VOC wall paint, Marmoleum flooring in the utility room, on-demand tankless water heaters, a 5kW active solar system on the roof, and an entirely new HVAC system that was sized according to calculations which took into account the home’s materials, orientation, and overhangs.

Final Result

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The result of the renovation is a 5-Star rated home

by the city’s Green Building Program, the highest rating offered. Along the way to its five star rating, however, the home never compromised design for efficiency. The final result is an example of how an energy-efficient, green home can also exhibit a high degree of design and detailing.

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