Building A Legacy

Clarence and Stella Guerrero founded CG&S in 1957 as a family-run construction business. They spent the following decades raising their eight children within the company, teaching them the trades of carpentry and bookkeeping. Taking a direct, practical approach, the name CG&S was chosen as an acronym to reflect the family business mentality: “Clarence Guerrero and Sons”.

With Clarence’s construction skills and Stella’s managerial savvy, they developed a remodeling company with a solid reputation for both quality and reliability. The very integrity of the enterprise created a client base that grew largely by word of mouth. Clarence was also an extremely hard worker and demanded the same of his sons out in the field. This prodigious work ethic was a crucial element to the company’s success in its early days.

In the 1990s Clarence and Stella sold the company to their children. Billy Guerrero became President and head of sales and estimating, while Dolores Guerrero Davis became General Manager. Her husband Stewart Davis joined the team as an architect in 1994 and established CG&S’ design studio. Initially Stewart’s role was more technical in nature, but that changed as CG&S’ projects began to require more thoughtful design work. It soon became clear that the company was moving towards the design-build process as the best way to complete its projects, and was re-branded CG&S Design-Build. Billy stepped down from CG&S in the summer of 2018 after more than forty years of service, passing majority ownership to Dolores, who now serves as CG&S’ President. Stewart serves as co-owner & Vice President.

Hundreds of projects later, CG&S has perfected its design-build approach, and has been recognized throughout Austin and the nation as an award-winning design-build company—one with the same reputation for quality and reliability that Clarence and Stella Guerrero began with over sixty years ago.

Our whole team under one roof

CG&S is a family business whose lineage can be traced back through three generations of the Guerrero family. These days, we’re a lot more varied than a crew of brothers wielding wheelbarrows; our diverse group of team members come from many walks of life, backgrounds, and life experiences. But CG&S still has a strong culture of family; it’s a part of our DNA. We’re loyal to our employees, and this loyalty extends towards our clients. Loyalty is part of our family legacy, and a key part of how we do business.

Photography by Ryan Davis | CG&S Design-Build, Jinni J., and Annie Ray

  • Dolores Davis UDCP

    Dolores Davis UDCP

    Owner | General Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 1994
    • Education: In college, I studied to become a social worker
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I love cooking for people!
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: Cibolo Creek, a resort ranch right outside of Big Bend Ranch State Park
    • What do you want to be when you grow up?: I am grown up. I want to always be me.
    • Baffled By: Electricity. It’s a mystery to me.
    • Life Slogan: From my father, Clarence Guerrero himself: “Everyone has to be somewhere, and here I am!”
  • Stewart Davis AIA

    Stewart Davis AIA

    Owner | Principal Architect

    • Joined CG&S: 1994
    • Experience: Worked in the field since 1983; Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.
    • Past Life: I once was Mr. Express, fastest grocery checker at HEB #8 for several consecutive years, back in the roaring ‘70’s.
    • My Interests Inform My Work By: I value seeking / finding great experiences. This means putting quality and care into the work we do so that others can have memorable and pleasurable experiences.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I like to travel, and I like good food and wine
    • Chatting In The Breakroom, You Can Usually Find Me Discussing The Finer Points Of: Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    • Baffled By: How to pack a suitcase like my wife Dolores does: absolutely no wasted space! As dense as a neutron star!
    • Life Slogan: Everything in moderation, including moderation!
  • Sara Hadden

    Sara Hadden

    Design Manager | Senior Project Designer

    • Joined CG&S: 2014
    • Experience: Worked in the architecture and design fields since 1998; Bachelor of Art in Architecture from Washington University and a Masters of Architecture from the GSAPP at Columbia University.
    • My Interests Inform My Work By: I like to make things. Architecture and design are another way of ‘making things’, just on a larger scale.
    • Favorite Place In The World: A white sand beach, with crystal clear waters and a slight breeze blowing…
    • Interests Outside Of Work: If I didn’t spend all my time chasing my 3 kids around, my interests would include reading, sewing, cooking, graphic design, and travelling. Not necessarily in that order.
    • Best Vacay: I haven’t taken it yet, but I really want to go to Australia!
    • Dessert choice: red velvet cake
    • Life Slogan: My glass is always half full.
  • Marsha Topham AIA

    Marsha Topham AIA

    Senior Project Architect

    • Joined CG&S: 2006; in the field since 1985
    • In A Past Life: I lived in New England for 10 years, and was fortunate to work on some pretty major renovations of beautiful, historic homes.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Hiking, kayaking, and gardening. I like to drive around looking at houses for ideas on my own house—I’m constantly scheming on things to add/refine at home.
    • Favorite Place In The World: coastal Maine
    • Inspired By: Nature and quiet moments
    • Dessert: cheesecake
    • Baffled By: Design that looks good but doesn’t work
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A rockstar
  • Gregory Thomas AIA

    Gregory Thomas AIA

    Senior Project Architect

    • Joined CG&S: I worked for CG&S for seven years starting in 2007. I relocated to Oregon, and now I've rejoined the team!
    • Experience: I have Bachelor of Architecture, BS in Architectural Engineering, and BFA Visual Art Studies degrees—all from UT Austin—and have an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer certification from NKBA. I've been a registered architect since 1988.
    • Interests: Dedicated hot yoga enthusiast. Avid cook specializing in seasonal pies. I love landscape photography and watercolor painting. I live part-time in Oregon, and love gardening, hiking, biking, and exploring the landscape. Travis County Master Gardener and volunteer when I'm able.
    • Inspired By: Nature (clouds, trees, plants, wildlife). I think about clouds A LOT. Who knew?
    • Favorite Place In The World: coastal Maine, although Scotland is a close second
    • Fave Dessert: I am a very, very serious pie maker, but my favorite dessert I ever made was a recent Guajillo Chocolate Flan, which was pretty amazing. Chiles + Chocolate = Love
    • Slogan: It's getting better all the time!

  • Gina André AIA, LEED AP

    Gina André AIA, LEED AP

    Senior Project Architect

    • Joined CG&S: November 2020
    • Educational Background: At Rice University, I studied architecture, art and art history, earning BArts and BArchitecture degrees.
    • Experience: practicing architecture since 1986
    • Inspired By: The simple and intricate mathematics embedded in nature are what my designs aspire to mimic. Encountering kind and caring people. They’re the best inspiration.
    • Interests: Spending time with my husband and friends and grown kids, when they’re around.
      I love roller skating and riding a motorcycle, though I don’t own one right now.
    • Favorite Place In The World: La Sagrada Família Basilica in Barcelona Spain, which embodies natural joy.
    • Best Vacay: Visiting Peru with my husband and exploring Machu Picchu. Mind-boggling engineering reflected in massive structures attuned to earthquakes and the seasonal path of the sun.
    • Slogan: Be nice and eat your greens.
    • Baffled By: How a heavy plane can become airborne. It’s mystifying.
    • One-Liner: I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but I turned myself around.
  • Wellington Chew

    Wellington Chew

    Junior Project Designer

    • Joined CG&S: June 2021
    • Experience: This is my first architectural position; I worked for years in the telecommunications construction industry
    • Educational Background: I studied photography at St. Edward’s University and Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin
    • Work Interests: I am fascinated by fabrication and craft. I think an appreciation of and knowledge of these processes helps me as a designer.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I am very interested in wood working and furniture design. I have also been experimenting quite a bit in the kitchen of late.
    • Fave Music: I can never pick just on favorite, so here are some names: Sharon Van Etten, Khruangbin, Lead Belly
    • Slogan: What good shall I do this day?
    • Party Trick: Flipping the domino table during the semi-finals
  • Justin Quick

    Justin Quick

    Architectural Visualizer

    • Joined CG&S: 2010
    • Experience: Bachelor’s in Computer Aided Drafting and Design
    • Past Life: I once worked in IT Management
    • Interests: Music, video games
    • Interests Inform Your Work By: I love science, technology, and art—especially when they all come together in one place.
    • Inspired By: My family and the universe
    • Dessert: Carrot Cake
    • Best Vacay: West Texas
  • Lyndsey Gauthier

    Lyndsey Gauthier

    Project Designer, Allied ASID

    • Joined CG&S: June 2020
    • Educational Background: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
    • Experience: worked in residential interior remodeling since 2013
    • Interests: My dogs, volunteering & fostering rescue dogs, gardening, finding the perfect piece of furniture to refinish, baking, hiking, & exploring the city
    • Favorite Place In The World: Grand Cayman Islands: the people were wonderful, and the beaches were like nothing I've seen before or since. Miami is second for its colorful architecture.
    • Inspiration: family, my dogs, and Pinterest
    • Fave Dessert: Lemon Chiffon Pie
    • Known For: being detailed & thorough
    • Slogan: Everything always works out how it should

  • Morgan Miller

    Morgan Miller

    Interior Designer, Allied ASID

    • Joined CG&S: June 2021
    • Educational Background: I am a 2021 Baylor University graduate with a BFCS in Interior Design and a minor in Studio Art
    • Experience: I have previous experience interning at K.Rue Designs and KBK to the Trade, both in San Antonio. I've worked at HEB, as a nanny, a swim instructor, and most recently as a receptionist at the Baylor Panhellenic building. I love learning new skills!
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I enjoy being outdoors, either hiking, camping, or backpacking. I also enjoy painting and ceramics, vintage furniture shopping, spending time with my friends, and trying new restaurants.
    • Me In A Sentence: An overachiever with a passion for beauty, experience, & people.
    • Interest Inform My Work By: I get creative inspiration from remaining interested about the world around me via new experiences and travels, as well as listening to music and being around other creative, progressive minds.
    • Fave Place In The World: Hawaii—I spent everyday snorkeling with turtles and hiking through Maui. It was the most beautiful thing I have experienced.
    • Superpower: The ability to fly—traveling the world would be so easy!
  • Andria Eckert

    Andria Eckert

    Interior Designer

    • Joined CG&S: September 2022
    • Experience: I began my professional career after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Purdue University in 2014. Since then, I have worked in many different specialties including kitchen and bath design, commercial design, furniture, and textiles.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Spending time with my pups, Dennis and Dobby (yes, I am a Harry Potter fan). I love going to music venues, paddle boarding, exploring the restaurant scene, and riding my bike around Lady Bird Lake.
    • Favorite Place In The World: Anywhere I can listen to music while enjoying nature.
    • Inspired By: I find inspiration from the beauty and culture of this city, and I am grateful to call Austin home.
    • Best Vacay: Our family summer trips to Lake Ontario.
    • Dessert: Cheesecake.
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A beach bum.
  • Lara Weber

    Lara Weber

    Project Developer

    • Joined CG&S: 2021
    • Experience: Over 10 years experience in residential design & sales. Before I started in the residential design industry, I was doing design/sales in events with an emphasis upon high end, custom stationery pieces.
    • Educational Background: I have my B.A. in Communications from Southwestern University, and my M.A. in Advertising from The University of Texas
    • Interests Inform My Work By: Design is my passion. It is central in my mind when I make decisions and helps frame the way I view my work. I believe good design in someone’s home can elevate their life. I love being a part of this experience with my clients.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I love exploring with my twins. Whether it is a hike through nature, eating at a new restaurant, or traveling and seeing different parts of the world. I am also into food; cooking it, eating it, and reading about it. If I have any time leftover, I am constantly trying to learn a new craft. I have tried pottery, drawing, embroidery, and jewelry making.
    • Superpower: The power to heal.
    • Fave Music: I love music. I tend to gravitate towards Indie bands, but by no means limit myself to that genre. I enjoy old school country, '90s rap, and some top forty as well.
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: Well-traveled and well-rested.
    • Slogan: Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.
    • Baffled By: The universe. My brain cannot grasp never-ending space.
  • Bill Totten

    Bill Totten

    Senior Estimator

    • Joined CG&S: January 2017
    • Experience: 16 years in the field
    • Interests: Photography, xeriscaping, & traveling with my wife Jackie
    • Flying or Invisibility: I have a semi-annual dream where I levitate
    • Favorite Dessert: Chocolate on chocolate mixed with chocolate
    • In A Past Life: I made golf club repair videos for Golfsmith
    • Life Slogan: Learn from the past, but forge ahead with optimism
  • Mike Markham

    Mike Markham

    Estimating Supervisor

    • Joined CG&S: 2021
    • Experience: In the construction industry since 2003, also worked in metal fabrication
    • Fave Dessert: Tiffs Treats cookies are the best
    • Superpower: Wisdom of Solomon
    • Fave Music: All genres, my favorites are constantly changing
    • Slogan: Let's build something
    • Party Trick: Telling jokes, it's not a party until everybody's laughing
  • Megan Tarpley

    Megan Tarpley

    Project Accountant

    • Joined CG&S: August 2017
    • Superpower: stopping time to enjoy the good moments
    • Favorite Type Of Music: Queen / hair bands
    • Known For: positive attitude
    • Favorite Place In The World: Grand Cayman
    • Life Slogan: just keep swimming
    • One-Liner: What do you call a funny candy bar? Snickers :)
  • Amaka Ukawoko

    Amaka Ukawoko

    Accounting Associate

    • Joined CG&S: October 2018
    • Interests: music, hiking, reading, movies, exploring the city...
    • Inspired By: people joining together to do good
    • Fave Dessert: Love ice cream and cake!
    • Superpower: Ability to read, write, and speak any language fluently
    • What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: We hopefully never stop growing, so I'll let you know when I've figured that out :)
    • Slogan: "I did my best, and my best was good enough"

  • Mega Stewart

    Mega Stewart

    Administrative Assistant

    • Joined CG&S: October 2022
    • Educational Background: B.A. in Communications from St. Edward's University
    • Interests Outside of Work: cooking, reading, fashion, decorating, shopping, & Cinderella makeovers
    • Me In A Sentence: Thoughtful with a good sense of humor
    • Fave Place In The World: Las Vegas, but the Maldives is on my wish list!
    • Inspired By: Family, friends, & giving my dogs the life they deserve
    • Fave Dessert: key lime pie
    • Superpower: animal telepathy
    • Baffled By: parallel universes
  • Iris Davis-Quick

    Iris Davis-Quick

    Marketing Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 2011
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Film/TV, screenwriting, fashion, rallying
    • Me, In A Sentence: I am an outgoing, confident person who can make friends with anyone.
    • Favorite Vacay: My bestie and I took a random trip to Seattle, WA and spent four glorious days wandering the city by foot. We stayed in the Capital Hill neighborhood with its vibrant community, delicious food and coffee aplenty. The best part for me (besides exploring Discovery Park in an apocalyptic state due to surrounding wildfires in the mountains) was reliving my favorite teen rom-com 10 Things I Hate About You. "I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?" "I think you can in Europe." :)
    • Dessert Choice: NadaMoo vanilla ice cream with pecans and chocolate chips
    • Baffled By: String Theory
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A world traveler.
    • Inspired By: Women’s rights, my daughters, my mother, independent film, and creative architecture.

    Please reach Iris with marketing inquiries at iris.quick@cgsdb.com | Media inquiries at media@cgsdb.com

  • Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis

    Marketing Assistant

    • Joined CG&S: 2006
    • Experience: BFA in Studio Art from the UT Austin
    • Interests: painting, keyboard, fermentation, soccer
    • Me, In A Sentence: Always making.
    • Inspired By: Information
    • Favorite Place In The World: Total split between the Swiss alps and northern Iceland.
    • Baffled By: Economics
    • Life Slogan: Keep it simple
  • Marc Clapp

    Marc Clapp

    Marketing & Sales Assistant

    • Joined CG&S: off and on since 2016
    • Educational Background: Bachelor's degree in Film & Media studies
    • Experience: Sandwich artist, professional wrestler, Disney World tour guide, forklift driver, JC Penny's catalogue model—I've done it all!
    • Interests Outside of Work: Making short films, football, traveling, reading, scuba diving, chess, playing music, cooking, spending time with family, model trains, collecting vintage Mad Magazines...
    • Me In A Sentence: Well, my cat thinks I'm cool!
    • Fave Place In The World: England—can't wait to go back.
    • Best Vacay: Los Angeles summer of 1987. Pure magic.
    • Known For: Talking too much about the Dallas Cowboys
    • Slogan: Have a good time, all the time.
  • Nathan Morris

    Nathan Morris

    Production Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 2014
    • In A Past Life: worked in the computer industry and electronic component sales
    • Me, In A Sentence: hardworking and fun-loving!
    • Known To Coworkers As: They call me “19”
    • Inspired By: David Hipple
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: Successful and young at heart
    • The Super Power I Wish I had: winning lottery number picker
    • Favorite Place In The World: The national parks of Utah
  • Justin Cunningham CRPM

    Justin Cunningham CRPM

    Construction Manager

    • Joined CG&S: Spring of 2016 
    • Education/Background: I have an AAS Degree in Renewable Energy Technology and an AAS Degree in Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design, and was formerly a BIM Technician 
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Family, my dogs, long distance running, & volunteer work—especially with dogs 
    • Favorite Place In The World: Playa Sámara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 
    • Superpower: the power to heal 
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A game warden
    • Baffled By: the universe

    (art glass backdrop by Dallas-based artist Robin Herndon)

  • Danny Scott

    Danny Scott

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 1989
    • Experience: 35 years in the construction industry
    • Fun Life Stuff: God, Gardening, & Golf
    • Favorite Dessert: peach cobbler ` la mode
    • Inspired By: faith, family, & friends
    • Puzzled By: Why anyone would watch a reality TV show
    • The Superpower I Wish I had: flight (The super power I actually have is completing crossword puzzles)
  • James Thurston CR, CRPM

    James Thurston CR, CRPM

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: June 2017
    • Experience: in the field since 1995
    • Interests: Family, horses, iron work, bird hunting, fishing
    • Best Vacay: A dude ranch in the Arizona White Mountains, riding out with the wranglers in the morning
    • Current Music Kick: Chris Stapleton
    • Party Trick: some pretty epic dance moves
    • Favorite Place In The World: Saint Lucia
  • Rick Benner CRPM

    Rick Benner CRPM

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: February 2022
    • Experience: been in the industry since 1987; also worked as an institutional bond broker
    • Educational Background: University of Texas at Austin
    • Interests Outside of Work: golf, boating
    • Me In A Sentence: Personable, intelligent, with a sense of humor
    • Best Vacay: We love to take cruises; the Bahamas, Cancún, Belize... they were all great!
    • Fave Music: blues & classical
    • Baffled By: the Cloud
    • Party Trick: juggling
  • Rob Bailey CRPM

    Rob Bailey CRPM

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: March 2021
    • Experience: worked in the construction industry since 2008
    • Educational Background: 5 years of college split between Dutchess Community College and SUNY Oswego, majoring in writing
    • Interests: reading, writing, health, & fitness
    • Superpower: immortality
    • Fave Music: Matchbox 20
    • Slogan: Not every day is going to be a good day, but any day can be the best day
  • Rick Posner CRPM

    Rick Posner CRPM

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: May 2021
    • Experience: I have worked as carpenter, in construction in general, and as a project manager since 2015
    • Educational Background: I have a degree in business management, and I trained as a carpenter in the Carpenter’s Union getting various certifications for several years in my mid-20s
    • Interests Inform My Work By: I am very interested in sustainability in wood-working and structural engineering in general. I just enjoy and am fascinated with building. New ways to build for function, form, and beauty. As well as old time and rustic methods.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I spend time reading, traveling, as much time as I can in nature, and I am a musician as well
    • Me In A Sentence: A laid-back, driven individual with a creative and curious mind
    • Fave Place In The World: I think I would have to call that a tie between Muir Woods and the Atlantic Ocean (heart is where the home was). Three-way tie if you include Hawaii.
    • Inspired By: Family, friends, people in general. Building and learning new things and being able to apply them to my daily life. I think it's important in life to constantly have challenges. Thankfully I have more interests than I can handle!
  • David Collier

    David Collier

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: February 2023
    • Experience: Almost 25 years in the industry
    • Educational Background: I have a 2-year vocational degree, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunications and Psychology from Ball State University
    • In A Past Life: I used to do a morning radio show, and I toured playing guitar and mandolin for various bands.
    • Interests Outside of Work: dog whispering, Frankenstein guitar surgery, and building
    • Me In A Sentence: Everything, all the time
    • Fave Place In The World: Arches National Park, Moab, Utah
    • Inspired By: architecture, music, organic materials
    • Superpower: time travel
    • Slogan: everything happens for a reason
  • Fidel Ramirez

    Fidel Ramirez

    Senior Lead Carpenter

    • Joined CG&S: 1985
    • Me, In A Sentence: Fidel gets along with everyone!
    • Known To Coworkers: The guy who gets stuff done.
    • Inspired By: learning every day
    • Favorite Dessert: cheesecake
    • Favorite Place In The World: Mexico
    • Interests Outside Of Work: cooking outside
    • Baffled By: How airplanes stay in the air
  • Joshua Deets CLC

    Joshua Deets CLC

    Lead Carpenter

    • Joined CG&S: 2006
    • Interests: Hunting, fishing, off-roading, swimming, & my dogs
    • Me, In A Word: Adaptable
    • Best Place In The World: Zilker Park
    • Choice Dessert: Ice Cream
    • Favorite Music Style: classic country & classic rock
    • Super Power I Wish I Had: flight
  • Jesus Muñoz

    Jesus Muñoz


    • Joined CG&S: 2012
    • Experience: worked in the construction industry since 2006
    • Interests: Mechanics, painting, & construction
    • Me in a sentence: I would say that I'm determined, hopeful, & precautious
    • Favorite Place in the World: Mexico
    • Inspired By: My family, especially my dad
    • Fave Dessert: Tres leches cake
    • Fave Music: Mexican oldies
  • Jonathan Lopez

    Jonathan Lopez


    • Joined CG&S: 2016
    • Interests: sports & being outdoors
    • Myself In A Sentence: I like to keep a positive attitude
    • Favorite Place In The World: San Miguel de Allende
    • Inspired By: learning new things!
    • Chosen Superpower: teleportation
    • Fave Music: Banda
    • Slogan: Enjoy the simple moments of life
    • Fave Dessert: cheesecake

  • Filiberto Valencia Campos

    Filiberto Valencia Campos


    • Joined CG&S: 2014
    • Interest Inform My Work By: I'm extremely passionate about learning new techniques & learning new skills to do my job
    • Interests Outside of Work: fishing, traveling, spending time with family & friends, fixing or building projects, & classic cars
    • Myself In A Sentence: I'm a hard-working & driven individual who isn't afraid to face a challenge
    • Fave Place In The World: Guanajuato, Mexico!
    • Inspired By: Not giving up, no matter how many times we fail
    • Fave Dessert: Caramel flan
    • Fave Music: Banda & bachata
    • Known For: I'm always a happy person
  • David Weinstein-Perez

    David Weinstein-Perez


    • Joined CG&S: 2016
    • Educational Background: Arizona State University
    • Interests Inform My Work By: keeping me detail-oriented
    • Interests Outside of Work: I enjoy biking around in my free time
    • Fave Place In The World: any ski mountain
    • Inspired By: how far we've come as a society
    • Fave Dessert: cheesecake, hands down
    • Superpower: flight, to skip the traffic
    • Fave Music: hip-hop
  • Roberto Marin

    Roberto Marin


  • Teodoro Manzano

    Teodoro Manzano


  • David Hipple

    David Hipple

    Warranty Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 2011
    • Previously: Auto Painter & Salesman
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Woodworking and airbrushing
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: The Grand Canyon
    • Me, In A Word: Perfectionist
    • Best Vacation: Hawaii
    • Baffled By: Water leaks
    • Life Slogan: Strive to be the best you can be!