Building legacy

Clarence and Stella Guerrero founded CG&S in 1957 as a family-run construction business. They spent the following decades raising their eight children within the company, teaching them the trades of carpentry and bookkeeping. Taking a direct, practical approach, the name CG&S was chosen as an acronym to reflect the family business mentality: “Clarence Guerrero and Sons”.

With Clarence’s construction skills and Stella’s managerial savvy, they developed a remodeling company with a solid reputation for both quality and reliability. The very integrity of the enterprise created a client base that grew largely by word of mouth. Clarence was also an extremely hard worker and demanded the same of his sons out in the field. This prodigious work ethic was a crucial element to the company’s success in its early days.

In the 1990’s Clarence and Stella sold the company to their children. Billy Guerrero became President and head of sales and estimating, while Dolores Guerrero Davis became General Manager. Her husband Stewart Davis joined the team as an architect in 1994 and established CG&S’ design studio. Initially Stewart’s role was more technical in nature, but that changed as CG&S’ projects began to require more thoughtful design work. It soon became clear that the company was moving towards the design-build process as the best way to complete its projects, and was re-branded CG&S Design-Build.

Hundreds of projects later, CG&S has perfected its design-build approach, and has been recognized throughout Austin and the nation as an award-winning design-build company—one with the same reputation for quality and reliability that Clarence and Stella Guerrero began with over fifty years ago.

Our whole team under one roof

CG&S is a family business whose lineage can be traced back through three generations of the Guerrero family. These days, we’re a lot more varied than a crew of brothers wielding wheelbarrows; our diverse group of team members come from many walks of life, backgrounds, and life experiences. But CG&S still has a strong culture of family; it’s a part of its DNA. We’re loyal to our employees, and this loyalty extends towards our clients. Loyalty is part of our family legacy, and a key part of how we do business.

Photography by Annie Ray

  • Billy Guerrero

    Billy Guerrero

    Owner / President / Sales

    • Joined CG&S: 1984
    • Interests Outside Of Work: cooking, gardening, golf
    • Me, In A Sentence: I am a blessed man in my family and work life
    • Favorite Place In The World: Yellowstone National Park
    • Inspired By: My wife and children
    • Best Vacay: Cozumel
    • Dessert: apple pie, watermelon, chocolate chip cookies
    • Life Slogan: life's a funny thing
  • Max Hambly

    Max Hambly

    Senior Estimator

    • Joined CG&S: 2008
    • Experience: I’ve been in the construction industry since 1988
    • Interests Inform My Work By: I’ve always loved to build; in my current role I build each project in my imagination. 
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Ultra-distance canoe racing and other outdoor pursuits. I like to cook and spend time with family too. 
    • Me, In A Sentence: Gets the job done!
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: The Rocky Mountains
    • Dessert Choice: Chocolate éclair with cream filling
    • Baffled By: Ancient engineering and wooden roller coasters.
  • Bill Totten

    Bill Totten


    • Joined CG&S: January 2017
    • Experience: 16 years in the field
    • Interests: Photography, xeriscaping, & traveling with my wife Jackie
    • Flying or Invisibility: I have a semi-annual dream where I levitate
    • Favorite Dessert: Chocolate on chocolate mixed with chocolate
    • In A Past Life: I made golf club repair videos for Golfsmith
    • Life Slogan: Learn from the past, but forge ahead with optimism
  • Stewart Davis AIA

    Stewart Davis AIA

    Owner / Sales Manager / Design Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 1994
    • Experience: Worked in the field since 1983; Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin.
    • Past Life: I once was Mr. Express, fastest grocery checker at HEB #8 for several consecutive years, back in the roaring ‘70’s.
    • My Interests Inform My Work By: I value seeking / finding great experiences. This means putting quality and care into the work we do so that others can have memorable and pleasurable experiences.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I like to travel, and I like good food and wine
    • Chatting In The Breakroom, You Can Usually Find Me Discussing The Finer Points Of: Monty Python’s Flying Circus
    • Baffled By: How to pack a suitcase like my wife Dolores does: absolutely no wasted space! As dense as a neutron star!
    • Life Slogan: Everything in moderation, including moderation!
  • Marsha Topham AIA

    Marsha Topham AIA

    Senior Project Architect

    • Joined CG&S: 2006; in the field since 1985
    • In A Past Life: I lived in New England for 10 years, and was fortunate to work on some pretty major renovations of beautiful, historic homes.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Hiking, kayaking, and gardening. I like to drive around looking at houses for ideas on my own house—I’m constantly scheming on things to add/refine at home.
    • Favorite Place In The World: coastal Maine
    • Inspired By: Nature and quiet moments
    • Dessert: cheesecake
    • Baffled By: Design that looks good but doesn’t work
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A rockstar
  • Joanna Hartman AIA

    Joanna Hartman AIA

    Project Architect, LEED AP

    • Joined CG&S: 2013
    • Experience: I’ve worked in architecture since 1995. I’ve been with firms both large and small, foreign and domestic, but have come to prefer helping homeowners bring out the best in their homes over multi-million dollar tenant fit-outs at the top of world class high rises. I have a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy.
    • Favorite Place In The World: Brion Cemetery in San Vito d’Altivole Italy, by Carlos Scarpa
    • Dessert Choice: Anything made by my (now late) grandma ranks at the top of my list. Stracciatella gelato consumed while window shopping through Florence. A frosty root beer float after a hot summer day at the beach. I could go on, but now I’m hungry…
    • The Superpower I Wish I had: Teleportation… so long as I can bring a carry-on.
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A pastry chef
    • Baffled By: Electric can openers
  • Mark Evans

    Mark Evans

    Project Designer

    • Joined CG&S: 2007
    • Experience: In the field since 1998; Bachelor of Architecture
    • Previous Life: I had a previous career as the owner of an art gallery from 1978–1993. I worked there first from 1975–1978 and then used my evil powers to take over. 
    • What are your interests outside of work?: I enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking and boating. I love watching live theater and those hours spent in the “suspension of belief” while actors are on stage.
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: Greece. The people are so friendly, the food is amazing, and the history is mind-boggling.  
    • The Super Power I Wish I Had: Being able to fly. I want to be a bird in my next life.
    • Baffled By: People who don’t use turn signals.
    • Slogan For Life: Breathe!
  • Sara Hadden

    Sara Hadden

    Project Designer

    • Joined CG&S: 2014
    • Experience: Worked in the architecture and design fields since 1998; Bachelor of Art in Architecture from Washington University and a Masters of Architecture from the GSAPP at Columbia University.
    • My Interests Inform My Work By: I like to make things. Architecture and design are another way of ‘making things’, just on a larger scale.
    • Favorite Place In The World: A white sand beach, with crystal clear waters and a slight breeze blowing…
    • Interests Outside Of Work: If I didn’t spend all my time chasing my 3 kids around, my interests would include reading, sewing, cooking, graphic design, and travelling. Not necessarily in that order.
    • Best Vacay: I haven’t taken it yet, but I really want to go to Australia!
    • Dessert choice: red velvet cake
    • Life Slogan: My glass is always half full.
  • Justin Quick

    Justin Quick


    • Joined CG&S: 2010
    • Experience: Bachelor’s in Computer Aided Drafting and Design
    • Past Life: I once worked in IT Management
    • Interests: Music, video games
    • Interests Inform Your Work By: I love science, technology, and art—especially when they all come together in one place.
    • Inspired By: My family and the universe
    • Dessert: Carrot Cake
    • Best Vacay: West Texas
  • Aïda Pollard

    Aïda Pollard

    Controller / HR

    • Joined CG&S: 2000
    • Experience: 30 years in finance, Plan 2 degree from the University of Texas at Austin
    • Fun Life Stuff: pottery, trail running, women's choir, philanthropy, and bluegrass
    • Favorite Place On Earth: Paris
    • Inspired By: light
    • Baffled By: radio waves
    • Slogan For Life: never say never
  • Megan Tarpley

    Megan Tarpley

    Office Manager

    • Joined CG&S: August 2017
    • Superpower: stopping time to enjoy the good moments
    • Favorite Type Of Music: Queen / hair bands 
    • Known For: positive attitude 
    • Favorite Place In The World: Grand Cayman 
    • Life Slogan: just keep swimming 
    • One-Liner: What do you call a funny candy bar? Snickers  :)
  • Iris Davis-Quick

    Iris Davis-Quick

    Marketing Director

    • Joined CG&S: 2011
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Film/TV, screenwriting, fashion, baking, rallying
    • Me, In A Sentence: I am an outgoing, confident person who can make friends with anyone.
    • Favorite Vacay: My family and I went on what my dad called the ‘Davis Family 1000 Mile Journey’ to Ft. Davis, Balmorhea, Marfa, and then to the magical land of Cibolo Creek Resort down near the Chinati Mountains.
    • Dessert Choice: Carrot Cake and dark chocolate chip cookies with pistachios and sea salt.
    • Baffled By: String Theory
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A world traveler.
    • Inspired By: Women’s rights, my daughters, my mother, independent film, and creative architecture.

    Please reach Iris with marketing inquiries at iris.quick@cgsdb.com 

  • Ryan Davis

    Ryan Davis

    Marketing Assistant

    • Joined CG&S: 2006
    • Experience: BFA in Studio Art from the UT Austin
    • Interests: painting, keyboard, fermentation, soccer
    • Me, In A Sentence: Always making.
    • Inspired By: Information
    • Favorite Place In The World: Total split between the Swiss alps and northern Iceland.
    • Baffled By: Economics
    • Life Slogan: Keep it simple
  • Dolores Davis, UDCP

    Dolores Davis, UDCP

    General Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 1994
    • Education: In college, I studied to become a social worker
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I love cooking for people!
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: Cibolo Creek, a resort ranch right outside of Big Bend Ranch State Park
    • What do you want to be when you grow up?: I am grown up. I want to always be me.
    • Baffled By: Electricity. It’s a mystery to me.
    • Life Slogan: From my father, Clarence Guerrero himself: “Everyone has to be somewhere, and here I am!”
  • David Bonner

    David Bonner

    Project Coordinator / Accountant

    • Joined CG&S: October 2015
    • Education: Masters in Business Administration from Sam Houston State University
    • Interests Outside Of Work: My daughter, my race car, and hunting
    • Favorite Place In The World: Key West
    • Known Among Co-Workers For: Hard Work, Sarcasm, Humor
    • Life Slogan: What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger
    • Fave Dessert: Chocolate Pie
  • April Allison

    April Allison

    Project Coordinator Assistant

    • Started At CG&S: May 2017
    • Education: BS from Murray State University, Marketing Minor
    • In A Sentence: I am a vivacious, creative-minded, athletic spirited individual, experiencing the adventure of this journey called "Life".
    • Inspired By: helping others, nature, traveling
    • Interests Outside Of Work: cooking, entertaining, styling interiors, floral arrangements, jewelry, watching football & baseball, visiting wineries, running, weight lifting, being at the lake, and spending time with my family
    • Favorite Place In The World: Tahiti
    • Life Slogan: keep a grateful heart 
  • Nathan Morris

    Nathan Morris

    Production Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 2014
    • In A Past Life: worked in the computer industry and electronic component sales
    • Me, In A Sentence: hardworking and fun-loving!
    • Known To Coworkers As: They call me “19”
    • Inspired By: David Hipple
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: Successful and young at heart
    • The Super Power I Wish I had: winning lottery number picker
    • Favorite Place In The World: The national parks of Utah
  • Randy Gray

    Randy Gray

    Construction Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 2004
    • Experience: I’ve been working in the construction industry since 1991
    • Favorite Place In The World: The Grand Tetons
    • Interests Outside Of Work: anything outdoors
    • Inspired By: Honesty and freedom
    • Favorite Vacay: a month-long hiking trip in Utah
    • Life Slogan: A person is only as good as their word.
  • Danny Scott

    Danny Scott

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 1989
    • Experience: 35 years in the construction industry
    • Fun Life Stuff: God, Gardening, & Golf
    • Favorite Dessert: peach cobbler ` la mode
    • Inspired By: faith, family, & friends
    • Puzzled By: Why anyone would watch a reality TV show
    • The Superpower I Wish I had: flight (The super power I actually have is completing crossword puzzles)
  • Jay Schaefer

    Jay Schaefer

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: 1998
    • Experience: Worked in the construction industry since 1977
    • Inspired By: Family & friends.
    • Favorite Place Ever: Lucca & Orvieto, Italy
    • Dessert Choice: I love them all; never met one I didn’t like.
    • Me, In A Sentence: Extremely handsome, with a sense of humor, and able to stay calm during stressful times.
    • Party Trick: Levitating grapes
  • Stephen Pascarella

    Stephen Pascarella

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: September 2015
    • Experience: Construction industry since 1984; Associates Degree with a Masters in the School Of Life
    • Best Vacay: Guatemala
    • Super Power: Elasticity
    • Favorite Place In The World: Mayan ruins in Tikal
    • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up: I'll tell you when I grow up

  • Justin Cunningham

    Justin Cunningham

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: Spring of 2016 
    • Education/Background: I have an AAS Degree in Renewable Energy Technology and an AAS Degree in Architectural & Engineering Computer Aided Design, and was formerly a BIM Technician 
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Family, my dogs, long distance running, & volunteer work—especially with dogs 
    • Favorite Place In The World: Playa Sámara, Guanacaste, Costa Rica 
    • Superpower: the power to heal 
    • When I Grow Up I Want To Be: A game warden
    • Baffled By: the universe

    (art glass backdrop by Dallas-based artist Robin Herndon)

  • James Thurston

    James Thurston

    Project Manager

    • Joined CG&S: June 2017
    • Experience: 22 years in the field
    • Interests: Family, horses, iron work, bird hunting, fishing
    • Best Vacay: A dude ranch in the Arizona White Mountains, riding out with the wranglers in the morning 
    • Current Music Kick: Chris Stapleton
    • Party Trick: some pretty epic dance moves
    • Favorite Place In The World: Saint Lucia
  • Fidel Ramirez

    Fidel Ramirez

    Senior Lead Carpenter

    • Joined CG&S: 1985
    • Me, In A Sentence: Fidel gets along with everyone!
    • Known To Coworkers: The guy who gets stuff done.
    • Inspired By: learning every day
    • Favorite Dessert: cheesecake
    • Favorite Place In The World: Mexico
    • Interests Outside Of Work: cooking outside
    • Baffled By: How airplanes stay in the air
  • Joshua Deets

    Joshua Deets

    Lead Carpenter

    • Joined CG&S: 2006
    • Interests: Hunting, fishing, off-roading, swimming, & my dogs
    • Me, In A Word: Adaptable
    • Best Place In The World: Zilker Park
    • Choice Dessert: Ice Cream
    • Favorite Music Style: classic country & classic rock
    • Super Power I Wish I Had: flight
  • Sam Sanford

    Sam Sanford

    Lead Carpenter

    • Joined CG&S: Summer of 2015
    • In Past Lives: I've Been a visual artist since 2003, had my own picture framing & art installing business for 6 years, played in a touring band signed to a major label, taught preschool for a year after college, and was a nanny for a spell
    • How Do Your Interests Inform the Work You Do?: Everything I do is related in some way to craft; I enjoy the technical aspects of making things and the satisfaction of doing it well and constantly learning to do it better.
    • What Inspires You?: My friends, artists, and musicians whose work I admire.
    • What was your best vacation ever?: What's "a vacation"?
    • Chatting in the breakroom, you can usually find me discussing the finer points of: The NFL, but only if Jesse is there, because no one else really cares. Also, there is no breakroom and we rarely take any breaks.
    • Favorite One-Liner Joke?: I'm more of an observational humor person. Like, have you ever noticed there aren't any medium-sized problems? People will say, "We have a huge problem" or "There's a small problem", but nobody ever comes in and says—"Guys, we have a medium-sized problem!"
  • Jesse Marsh

    Jesse Marsh


    • Joined CG&S: 2010
    • Experience: In the construction industry since 2003
    • Me, In A Sentence: I would do anything for my family and friends.
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Running, maintaining my house, hanging with family and friends, watching sports events
    • Favorite Place In The World: Vancouver, BC
    • Baffled By: Politics
    • The Superpower I wish I had: Flight
    • One-Liner: A horse walks into a bar, the bartender says—“Why the long face?”
  • Javier Guerrero

    Javier Guerrero

    Asset Manager / Runner

    • Joined CG&S: 2011
    • Interests Outside Of Work: I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my girlfriend. I’m a bit of a video game nerd, and I am also an enthusiastic Muay Thai practitioner.
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: Puerto Rico
    • Inspired By: My parents
    • Dessert Choice: Amy’s Ice Cream Mexican Vanilla with ginger snaps and strawberries
    • Puzzled By: The complexity of brain function
    • Special Party Trick: Opening a beer bottle with a hammer
    • The Super Power I wish I had: Teleportation
  • David Hipple

    David Hipple

    Punch List / Warranty Specialist

    • Joined CG&S: 2011
    • Previously: Auto Painter & Salesman
    • Interests Outside Of Work: Woodworking and airbrushing
    • Favorite Place On Planet Earth: The Grand Canyon
    • Me, In A Word: Perfectionist
    • Best Vacation: Hawaii
    • Baffled By: Water leaks
    • Life Slogan: Strive to be the best you can be!