• Andrea Calo 24094 w

    Westlake Downtown View

    This project started out, not with a master plan, but with the directive to solve isolated issues. It wasn’t until we were well down the road of design that spaces started to bleed together, generating a more comprehensive overview. To make it more challenging, the home had been remodeled twice in the past, leaving an ad hoc series of peculiar room arrangements. Eventually, as one improvement led to the recognition of another, we touched every space in the home.

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  • DSC01940

    South Lamar New Build

    Skillful renovations tie elements of the old and new together, reinventing a home’s identity without erasing its history. In this case, the homeowners wanted to entirely rebuild their home—the rub: any new construction had to fit within the house’s original footprint in order to preserve the property’s many heritage trees.

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  • Nari-torh-2019-main

    Versatile Modern Farmhouse

    This 1990s builder-grade home received initial upgrades when its owners improved the master bath and full bath soon after moving in. After they lived in the home for a while they became dissatisfied with its fragmented layout and outdated style. The kitchen was cut off from the living space and had been renovated in the parlance of the preceding decade: ’90s contemporary eclectic. It was time for both an improvement in style and function in these critical spaces.

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  • West view LG 29

    Rob Roy Porch Addition

    There is a view, and that view is to the west. That’s great, because the hills that roll west into Texas’ vastness are a beautiful thing to behold. But how do you take advantage of all this glory without getting roasted by the sun? Unfortunately, that was the problem this family was experiencing with their home before they hired CG&S to come up with a plan for some much-needed shade.

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  • LG-9

    Deep Eddy Craftsman

    Everything changes when you have a baby. The owners of this craftsman style home needed more space for their growing family so they transformed their original 844 square foot home into a two-story bungalow with extra bedrooms, two living spaces, outdoor entertaining and a carport for their vintage car.

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  • Modern Backyard Outdoor Kitchen

    Westlake Home Improves In Stages

    Sometimes it's not the best thing to do a project all at once. Perhaps a full-scale remodel will be too disruptive to your lifestyle. Let’s face it, packing everything up and moving to a temporary rental is a bit of a hassle. Or perhaps the financial investment is too intense at first, and better suited to pacing over time. Whatever the reason, it is perfectly possible to come up with a master plan that implements construction in stages, gradually improving the home as the years go by. Such is the case with this outdoor kitchen, pool renovation, and improved game room. And we're just getting started!

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    Lost Creek Kitchen Remodel

    Another by-now-classic remodel where we opened up a kitchen to rejoin the rest of a family's common living space. We also added a full array of new storage options in the back-kitchen—along with study space—and plans for outdoor living enhancements now in the works!

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  • Casual Kitchen French Elegance In Rob Roy

    Casual French Elegance In Rob Roy

    This home had the perfect location—rare lake access in Rob Roy—but in no way matched the new owners' style. The discord was almost a deal breaker. But with a generous budget, a talented designer, and CG&S' full backing, the home quickly began to take on a dizzying array of splendor. What do you do when anything is possible? In this project we picked a keen path, and pursued it to an excellent finish.

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  • DSC08030

    Highland Park Remix

    You’ve got a lot of space, but you can’t use it. That was the paradox at the heart of this home nestled in the folds of the Balcones escarpment. The house was deep and dark, with a lot of square footage and a low hung roofline. Its center was a dark square made up of an insufficient kitchen cut off from the living room by a wall. The arrangement meant that light came into the living room from only one direction through three French doors to the east. The living room had a fireplace, but the furniture was not in close proximity, and there was no place for a television. There was also a formal dining room, but that was cut off from the kitchen. To top it off, the space was replete with 1970’s modern décor; we needed updates.

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  • sapphire-header

    Sapphire Bath In 78704

    Located deep in one of south Austin's most vibrant neighborhoods, this home had the perfect location for a young professional. But the master bath was wonky. So they hired CG&S for a makeover.

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  • 1756e w

    Open & Inviting In Westlake

    Our clients loved their home’s location—just not their home. After looking at different houses and finding none that could match the privacy, convenience and natural beauty of where they were, the couple decided to renovate and update. Frequent hosts, the clients wanted a more open and inviting layout for entertaining, a reconfigured kitchen, and a modernized master bathroom.

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  • 0025

    South Austin Outdoor Living

    Avid birdwatchers and gardeners, these clients wanted their outdoor space to shine. The original entryway and courtyard of this home wasn’t reflecting the homeowner's’ love of the outdoors, so we added new gates and fencing, plus an expansive screened in porch, to bring the outdoors closer than ever before.

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  • LG-12

    Transitional Pushes To Modern

    Susan Terrell and Don Brode fell in love with the Zilker neighborhood while renting a home on Josephine Street. After some time living in the neighborhood, they decided to buy there. They found their 1956 home on Jessie Street by word of mouth—tipped off to the original owners who were looking for a young family to sell to. But not just any family. A family that would honor and love the home just as much as them. And that’s what they saw in Susan and Don.

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  • 010cr

    Moroccan Accent Bath

    With only one bath shared between this couple and their teenage son, it was time to make a change. The owners wanted a private master bath, a separate bath for their son, and the convenience of the washer and dryer located close to the closets on the second level. Not only is the new master bath more functional, but also provides the perfect showcase for these clients' Moroccan collectibles.

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  • Living-Room

    Timeless Classic

    This central Austin couple returned from vacation to find their master suite flooded from a burst pipe - talk about difficult re-entry to daily life! We initially consulted with them to repair and renovate their bathroom, but as the design developed they realized they could turn this mishap into an opportunity. Instead of making remedial repairs to a compromised space, they decided to transform their entire home.

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  • 020

    Hyde Park Farmhouse

    The kitchen of this 1890’s Victorian home, on the National Register of Historic Places, didn’t fit the needs of the clients or match the historic flavor of the home. Though the owners wanted to keep the current floor plan of the kitchen, including space for an eat-in table, they also wanted all new finishes and fixtures to completely modernize the space’s functionality.

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  • 121

    Balcones Bath

    This guest bathroom at the end of a once-dark interior hallway was an eyesore in these clients’ mid-century, traditional ranch-style home. Guests arriving in the entry hall are inevitably afforded a view down this interior hallway—one that terminates at the open door to the bathroom. Since the only natural light into the hall is through the open door of the bath, the renovation focused on making the view of the room beautiful from the entry hall, while bringing in much needed natural light.

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  • February-06-2015-103

    Light, Bright & Airy

    Some people are drawn to the drama. This particular client, in a vibrant South Austin neighborhood, wanted their project to have that touch of extravagance. Once a duplex, this now two-story house was begging for more space and natural daylight. With a bigger kitchen and an expanded living room with floor to ceiling windows, we brought the outdoors in while kicking up the style.

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  • AC1297

    Bee Cave Outdoor Living

    Upgraded, but maybe a better word would be revolutionized. This recently purchased home had everything an Austin couple needed—almost: rustic charm, a guesthouse with work shop and plans to build a free standing gym. It even had a pool and waterslide! One would think that an outdoor living and kitchen would be included. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case; we set out to change that.

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