Our Process

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Teamwork on every project, dream work in every home.

There’s the usual way of doing things, then there’s the CG&S Way. Inspired by project management techniques first pioneered in the tech industry, we use small, collaborative project teams in each step of the design-build process, from discovery and concept through final design.

Our process works because we adhere to four important principles:

  • Highest Quality Outcome
  • Collaborative & Cohesive Vision
  • Full-Service Team
  • Timeline & Budget Predictability & Stability
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The Highest Quality Outcome

It all starts with discovery. We get to know your unique needs and current home challenges. We gather information to find out what’s feasible structurally and financially, and explore smart solutions (usually finding several directions). Next is the concept phase, where we refine the winning strategy and build three-dimensional ideas. Then it’s on to the final design phase. We help you make finish selections and develop detailed drawings and technical specifications to create a clear and comprehensive set of contract documents.

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Collaborative & Cohesive Vision

We help clarify your vision. Often the vision our clients have in their minds does not necessarily relate to the root of the problem at hand. We help discover the right solution at the source and go from there. This may require working backwards from the initial inspiration before going forwards again. Frequent conversation throughout the whole process and timely feedback ensures that we’re always on the same page.

To help visualize our ideas, we’ll present you with different schemes, each offering a unique way to turn your wishes into reality. In addition to the schemes, some projects will have modules. Think of them as a side dish to the main dish. You can add them to your plate, but only if it suits your taste.

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A Full-Service Team On Your Side

If you like the idea of a collaborative approach, wait until you see our full-service team in action. Our robust roster of architects, builders, interior designers, and construction experts are highly experienced in bringing dreams to fruition. They embrace the crossover of different disciplines, hold each other accountable, and combine their creative brain power to consistently push the envelope. They’re also professionals in providing peace of mind, so you can rest assured knowing a home you will love is on its way.

Available Team Members

  • Architects
  • Consultants
  • Construction Managers
  • Carpenters
  • Interior Designers
  • SubContractors/Vendors
  • Estimators
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Timeline & Budget Stability

The more candid we can be about timing, budget, and overall expectations, the better. We discuss these project fundamentals early and often! The work moves in three four-week cycles called sprints, where communication and requests for feedback become more frequent. By keeping everyone in the loop, our team is confident and up-to-date, our clients are happy and informed, and projects move forward smoothly.

Final Thought: The Paradox of Designing and Building

There are two universes that collide in each project. Projects are often viewed through a strong design style/beauty/theoretical lens, or they are viewed through a construction-oriented practical, time and money, reality bias that prioritizes value. The tradeoff between these two is often taken as mutually exclusive. But we feel a project is both at the same time! We saw this apparent conflict as an opportunity to develop the CG&S Way, the methodology we developed to confidently and creatively build projects our clients love.