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Westlake Downtown View

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Designed with intention. Built to inspire.

Fall in love with what your home can be. Right now, your house might have its quirks and be a bit rough around the edges. It might be in need of some serious TLC and elbow grease. It has personality and the history to show for it, but you wouldn’t dream of moving. CG&S Design-Build fixes houses, but we do more than that— we make houses whole.

  • Andrea Calo 24094 w

    Westlake Downtown View

    This project started out, not with a master plan, but with the directive to solve isolated issues. It wasn’t until we were well down the road of design that spaces started to bleed together, generating a more comprehensive overview. To make it more challenging, the home had been remodeled twice in the past, leaving an ad hoc series of peculiar room arrangements. Eventually, as one improvement led to the recognition of another, we touched every space in the home.

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    South Lamar New Build

    Skillful renovations tie elements of the old and new together, reinventing a home’s identity without erasing its history. In this case, the homeowners wanted to entirely rebuild their home—the rub: any new construction had to fit within the house’s original footprint in order to preserve the property’s many heritage trees.

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    Versatile Modern Farmhouse

    This 1990s builder-grade home received initial upgrades when its owners improved the master bath and full bath soon after moving in. After they lived in the home for a while they became dissatisfied with its fragmented layout and outdated style. The kitchen was cut off from the living space and had been renovated in the parlance of the preceding decade: ’90s contemporary eclectic. It was time for both an improvement in style and function in these critical spaces.

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Living Room Fine Interior Design

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We are a full-service Austin home renovation firm, unique in our ability to do it all under one roof. Our architects, construction team, and interior design specialists all work in-house to bring a holistic approach to the design-build process. We deliver the unbeatable, high-end quality of home design done right, from idea to finished product and every step in between.

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About Us

We are makers and creators. We like using our hands and our heads to take on new, interesting, and challenging work. During a renovation there is always a new problem to solve; and at CG&S, it’s the creative process required to address each nuance that we relish. In the end we are bound by one common passion—making great homes.


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