Nathan Morris & Sara Hadden Break Down the CG&S Way

Deep Dive Discussion on the Tim Faller Show

By Ryan Davis

Posted on March 14, 2024
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The CG&S Way is a design-build process that we developed beginning in 2019 when our ownership transitioned to Dolores & Stewart Davis. While in business for over half a century and systems-based since the mid 90s, our company felt that somehow our process wasn’t quite right. The whole point of design-build is the integration of architecture and construction teams under one roof, but still too often it seemed that “the right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing”. So with a fresh start came a bold move; to create a new systems methodology from scratch: The CG&S Way.

Our inspiration came from the scrum method used in software design. We adapted this iterative, inclusive teams approach over the past 5 years to answer logistical questions in the design and construction industry. It required a lot of patience, perseverance, and discovery to see how this would work. In some sense, it was a research and development project that required constant innovation and refinement. Now the work is paying off, with greater trust and investment from teams, happy clients, and successful projects.

Production Manager Nathan Morris & Design Manager Sara Hadden were instrumental in developing the CG&S Way. In this podcast episode they break down the details of what it means, what it does, and how it came to fruition. We hope this discussion illuminates what can often seem an opaque and mysterious process. Link below!

The Tim Faller Show: The CG&S Way (S5 E18)