“Chaos On Corral”

Spring 2017 Washers Tournament

By Ryan Davis

Posted on June 07, 2017
CG&S Employees at Company Event

On a beautiful May afternoon, the employees of CG&S Design-Build convened to compete for the title of best team in the “Chaos On Corral” washers tournament.

Teams of two were drawn randomly, mixing players of all skill levels. Departments within the company were shuffled by the same token.

Stewart Davis AIA

The tournament was organized and MC'd by our design and sales director Stewart Davis, who is himself a fearsome washers player. His duties as MC prevented him from playing, however.

Stewart Davis Speaking to Group

Objective: get the disc in the hole. The rules: first team to 21 points or over wins, with no punishment for overage. Discs closer to the hole than the opposing team are worth one point, discs leaning over the hole worth 2 or 3, and discs in the hole, 5. Opposing teams can cover shots in the hole and negate them.

CG&S Company Event
CG&S Employees in Group Activity

Action on 4 courts

This was unprecedented in CG&S history. CG&S has always had at least one court on its grounds. But given the large number of games in the initial stages of the Chaos On Corral bracket, expansion was needed. The result is the finest washers ground in company history.

Clarence and Billy Washers

Washers has deep roots at CG&S.

Our founder, Clarence Guerrero, played the game at least as far back as the early days of Corral Lane, where our office still stands. Here he is with his son Billy Guerrero, who is now the president of the company.

Billy and Thomas Washers 1978

Guerrero boys in 1978

CG&S Company Event

And their sister: General Manager Dolores Davis throws a mean disc in 2017.

Shot of CG&S Employees

Technician Justin Quick has a cool, incisive style.

Group of CG&S Employees Collecting Game Pieces

There's only one real rule in washers: throw the disc in the cup.

12 Team Double Elimination Bracket

The outcome

Group of CG&S Employees Outside
Clarencio Guerrero and Javier Guerrero

One of the beautiful things about washers is that it provides the perfect pretext for hanging out and enjoying each other's company. Stay tuned for the next round!