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CG&S Design-Build is a rarity among Austin home remodeling contractors, having maintained business operations from the same location, and with the same phone number, for over half a century. Home remodeling in Austin tends to be the domain of small, short-lived companies, often made up of one skilled carpenter and maybe a helper or two.

Nothing wrong with that, but homeowners who hire such companies face the uncertainty of the health, professionalism, and level of attention available from this level of remodeler. Our clients are usually not new to remodeling, and they may have used a ‘one job at a time’ remodeler in the past, but are now in a position to hire a larger, more stable company—with a deeper bench—like CG&S. We find many people value remodeling contractors with longevity and permanence, companies with a great long-standing reputation for quality and customer service.

Remodeling has become a source of television entertainment in recent years with the advent of cable channels such as HGTV. Unfortunately, such ‘reality’ programming tends to trivialize the hard work, dedication, and skill required to be among the ranks of successful remodelers. Home remodeling in Austin requires a very different skill set than that of new home construction, for example. Good remodeling contractors know what is important to the people living in the homes they work on: keeping the site clean, safe, and secure at all times is paramount.

Home remodeling often brings surprises when unforeseen conditions are uncovered, such as out-of-level or plumb walls and floors, water or termite damaged framing, or substandard wiring or plumbing. We also like to set appropriate expectations of remodeling costs before the remodeling project begins. A good remodeler takes these surprises in stride, and brings a wealth of construction experience to find the most cost-effective, long-term solution.

CG&S brings over fifty years of such real world Austin home remodeling experience to its clients. That legacy and staying power translates to a wealth of smart and innovative home remodeling ideas.

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